A competition production platform that integrates scoring, scoreboarding, and streaming into a single toolset. 

What is Virtius?

Virtius is a competition production platform that integrates scoring, scoreboarding, and streaming into a single toolset. 

Virtius (pronounced "ver-tee-us") was inspired by the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (“Faster, Higher, Stronger").

We believe that athletes and their fans expect scores to be instant and easily available whether at the venue or anywhere around the world.  We believe that running a smooth competition can be a big challenge and that technology can enable organizers to plan and present their competitions with a professional look and feel.  We believe that the in person and online experiences are equally important to engage with a local and international fanbase. 

What technology powers Virtius?

The core technology components of the Virtius platform:

  • Modern web-based application — Universally accessible on any computer, tablet, phone, or computing device with a browser.
  • Cloud based architecture — Accessible anywhere, continuous improvement, highly scalable and reliable.
  • Realtime data sync —  Data generated during competition are synchronized across all live clients and instantly available. When a score goes live, all in-venue displays, broadcast graphics, operations dashboards, fan engagement experiences, and official partner sites (Road to Nationals) share the same update at the same time.
  • Integrated graphics engine — Virtius produces its own broadcasts and streams as well and thus has developed tools for modern producers and talent.  API data access can power partner applications.
  • Video technology stack — We have built a custom system and data set to analyze video and athlete performances.  Our scoring system is directly integrated into our content work allowing us to quickly deliver desired video features such as tagging and live clips for social media, fan engagement, or in-game operational review.
How do I host a Virtius competition or stream?  

If you're looking to use Virtius for an upcoming competition or have an idea about a streaming experience you'd like to produce, contact us so we can discuss your ideas.  If you are part of the NCAA collegiate gymnastics community, check the technical documentation to onboard and learn how to get up and running.

The following are some examples of Virtius enabled experiences that might inspire your own event:

  • International Virtual Competition — Debuted a world premiere international virtual team competition between Army West Point and Niigata University of Management (Japan) live and separated by thousands of miles and timezones in 2021.
  • Collegiate All Stars Event — Crafted the first-ever preseason virtual competition between top athletes in the collegiate world. Virtius designed and delivered a one of a kind experience for fans, celebrity judges (Heath Thorpe, Maggie Nichols, Livvy Dunne, Stephen Nedoroscik), and top commentators (John Roethlisberger and Bridget Sloan). Check it out on Virtius and on Youtube.
  • National Team Duals — Worked with several national, world, Olympic level teams to produce friendly competitions in preparation for the 2021 Olympic cycle.
  • Collegiate Championships — A quad + 4x individual apparatus stream full production experience. Virtius produced GEC Championships 2023 for 8x women's collegiate teams and featured full commentary and post-game video clips.
  • Collegiate Season Competition — Ranging from intrasquad, duals/tris, to multi-team competitions, Virtius enables scoring, scoreboarding, and streaming from DIY scoring events to full onsite production services. Visit the Virtius season archives to see many examples.
  • Junior Championships Streaming & Video Clips — Upgraded a major national level junior event to a full modern experience by adding Virtius streaming and individual athlete video sets. Virtius delivered hundreds of personalized video sets, capturing the event for young athletes and their closest fans. On top of that, Virtius tapped top celebrity athletes to inspire young athletes with special edition video shoutouts.

Let us help you build your next Virtius experience!

Who is Virtius?

Virtius was conceptualized by a group of former athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs who crafted its first competition experience in 2020.

Since then, the team has recruited a number of community members with operational and technical backgrounds to build the infrastructure for the Virtius competition platform. These team members have brought their experiences from top industry leaders such as Apple, Nike, Google, Twitter, Salesforce, and Tableau along with their former NCAA, international, or pro sport backgrounds.

Today, the core team oversees design, development, marketing, operations, streaming, and video technology.